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Will the initial consult cost me anything?

No, the initial consultation is free. It gives us the opportunity to meet you and your pet and listen to what services you will need.

Can I trust a stranger in my home?

Yes! At Pet Nanny Pet Care, our goal is to be honest, respectful, trustworthy, and reliable. But we do understand that having a stranger in your home for the first time can be nerve-wracking which is natural! To ease any nervousness, please ask us to see our license, insurance, and ask lots of questions at the initial consultation.

We welcome you to call all of our references, and will provide a list of them to you at the consult upon request. We would like to build a trusting relationship with you. Most clients feel comfortable with us after the first or second visit, and recommend us to others with enthusiasm.

What will you do with our pets?

Walk, play, pet, brush, clean up whatever you ask for. We are there to make your pet comfortable and make the owner worry-free while away!

Are the rates per pet?

No, all rates are by time only and all tasks are included. The time slots scheduled by clients beforehand has almost always been sufficient to complete the needed tasks, but if extra time is needed, there will not be a problem staying extra  and an extra charge can be paid when you return.

​What are the advantages of hiring a professional pet sitter?

Scheduled visits with no shortcuts. In the case of an emergency or urgent problem where personally we cannot make the scheduled visit, we will use a back up plan to care for your pets. Part of this plan is to have an emergency back-up sitter cover the visit or call you or your emergency contact to reschedule. If your pet is inconvenienced in any way we will refund your money or give you a credit.

You are welcome at any time to add tasks, check up on your pet, and to verify upcoming service dates and times. I carry a cell phone and return calls immediately. We offer detailed notes/texts or emails to let you know the care your pet is receiving and how he or she did. All sitters are insured and bonded and do not bring along company or visitors. We always do little extras to make your home comfortable to come back to. This includes brushings, bringing in the mail, checking the temperature, taking out trash, and cleaning up dog or cat tracks. These services are included for free.

NO WORRIES. You deserve a worry-free time away!


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